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The 364th anniversary of Ciudad Juarez - Monumental X
Projection mapping 2D & 3D & technical production
Monumento a la mexicanidad - X - Ciudad Juarez

Maizz Visual had the opportunity to create a 3D video mapping experience on the complex surface of the Monument to Mexicanity in Ciudad Juarez. An enormous 60-meter-high red X required the use of 8 Barco video projectors with 40,000 lumens each. The celebration marked the 364th anniversary of the city's founding, and the history was told through the city's major historical moments from its foundation using 2D and 3D scenes that adapted to the complex shape, while a female voice narrated in the first person.

For the technical setup, 8 video projectors with 40,000 lumens each were used and installed at 45-degree angles to maximize the brightness of the projectors.

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