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Guided tour with 6 video mapping shows, monumental lighting and sound
Dzibilchaltun, Merida, Yucatan

Pasos de Luz is presented in a new and dynamic format that invites the public to walk a tour of audiovisual installations. A total of 7 stops with video-mapping, projections on trees, music, sound effects and narrations in different environments of the archaeological site enhance the interest of the public to be surprised by each new installation of the tour.


The journey, barely 1Km long, passes through some of the main landmarks of the site: Sacbé, Cenote, Central Square, Chapel, Pyramid and Town  Maya, and is designed to be visited in groups of approximately 20 to 30 people, who complete it in approximately 1 hour.  


Maizz Visual has directed the design of the experience, the script, the art and the production of the 3D graphic animation content for the 6 spaces with videomapping projection. Content that posed the challenge of capturing the creative concept on surfaces as different as an open chapel, a grove, a pyramid or cabins in the jungle.  


The narrative, worked together with the INAH, focuses on Dzibilchaltún, its history and meaning, that of its historical inhabitants, as well as notes on the Mayan culture. A total of 7 stops are soundtracked with pieces that integrate locutions, audio FX and music, gradually immersing the viewer in the experience.


The artistic and architectural lighting of Pasos de Luz has been designed and programmed by SGM Lighting Latin America. A remarkable work that enhances the entire architectural complex and bathes most of the visible buildings of the archaeological complex in light so that they can be admired at night.  


To project on the 6 spaces, 8 Panasonic Laser video projectors of 13,000 and 16,000 lumens are used. Every day a team of video technicians is in charge of assembling and disassembling the projectors and adjusting the content in each installation.

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