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Video installation and video mapping projection at La Casa del Tiempo, UAM


Maizz Visual was invited by the Autonomous University of Mexico (UAM) to participate in the 101 anniversary of the birth of Leonora Carrington. Maizz Visual presented 2 audiovisual installations that explored the work of the great surrealist artist in video format.  

Hundreds of people passed through La Casa del Tiempo on April 6, 2018 to admire the artist's sculptures and audiovisual montages, both inside the building and on the façade.  

A video montage on the walls and ceiling of the stained glass room played on a  continuous loop 5 works by Leonora Carrington scaled to large format and animated with animation and post-production techniques.  

On the main facade  projected a mapping with a video animation of the face of Leonora Carrington who seemed to greet the public summoned for this event with her eyes. The piece was completed with a series of animations of key works by the painter and messages related to the centenary. ​

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